Monkeys And Bananas

One wonders why bananas and monkeys have been related, particularly in cartoons. How did this occur?

My tackle that is that it occurred on account of colonialism.

The US of America purchased the Philippine Archipelago from Spain for $20,000 and occupied it for 50 years. At first of the occupation, there was resistance on the a part of the Filipinos. There have been a number of fierce fights between the "insurrectos" and the American troopers ensuing within the demise of 1000's on either side of the combatants. Civilians had been additionally killed.

Clearly and logically, the colonizer feels superior to the colonized. People appeared down on Filipinos. Some troopers even known as the Filipinos monkeys with out tails. And so they sang songs with phrases like " Zamboanga the monkeys haven't any tails."

Filipinos love bananas. Then and now one of many principal agricultural merchandise is banana. So, People noticed Filipinos at all times consuming and having fun with a number of types of banana.

Sure, monkeys love bananas, too. However their principal food regimen within the jungle, their pure habitat, isn't a banana. Bananas do not develop underneath the bushes and within the thick of untamed progress. They develop in open and sunny areas. Filipinos planted bananas of their yard. Monkeys thrived on bugs and fruits aside from banana. The pet monkeys in captivity, after all, had been served bananas since bananas had been ample within the Philippines. Some People did enterprise by exporting monkeys to the U.S. for experimentation in laboratories. They fed the monkeys with bananas.

Cartoonists naturally drew monkeys consuming bananas.

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