Gobrecht Dollars (1836-1839)

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1839 P Gobrecht Dollars Gobrecht Judd-104 Dollar PR64 NGC
1839 P Gobrecht Dollars Gobrecht Judd-104 Dollar PR64 NGC
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1839 Gobrecht 1 NGC Proof 64 (Judd-104, Original, Medal Alignment)


  • The 1839 Gobrecht dollar is much scarcer than the 'type coin' 1836 Gobrecht without any premium. One of the 300 pieces struck in 1839, an estimate of 60-75 pieces are expected to exist, with this example being on of the finest remaining. Frosty gold tints with a light orange from 2 to 7 o'clock on the obverse, this piece displays an unusual attractiveness and is not dark as most examples that we come across. Only 2 pieces are graded finest by PCGS.
  • Gobrecht Silver Dollar
  • Rare 1839 Gobrecht Dollar
  • Silver Dollars

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